Why Should You Travel to Goa in India

According to the article Economy of Goa published in, Goa accounts for 12 percent of the total tourist arrivals in India. Apart from spectacular beaches, temples and churches, there are several other interesting places to travel in Goa, India. There is opportunity to watch the wild life of India. You can also go for sightseeing in the nearby villages ... Read More »

Tribal Puppetry Show in Sindhudurg Pinguli Village

Pinguli is a village located in the Sindhudurg District of Indian State of Maharashtra. The village has long been the hub for several ritual performance arts, the most important being puppetry. In general, stories from epics such Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Puran are enacted in these puppetry shows in an entertaining manner. In most of the stories, there are various characters ... Read More »

How to Plan India Rural Tours

Planning for rural tours takes a lot of things into consideration. Rural Tours is not that easy and thus several aspects are considered and most often the consideration from the beginning of the tours to the end of theirs must be done in the best way in order to avoid inconvenience and troubles. In fact, these days, Rural Tourism is ... Read More »

A memorable Trip to Goa

Recently, in the beginning of this month, I had a trip to Goa; one of the most memorable one and is sure to be long remembered. The Trip went ahead with some of my Friends Glen Gonsalves, Jonas Lopes, Ryan Lobo, Pankaj vaghela, Sanjay Thakur, Rishi Jha, Anand Gharat, Sushil  Tiwari and Dhananjay yadav and can be said as one ... Read More »

Make Your Trips to India Enriching by Visiting the Tribes

Did you know that almost 10% of India’s population is made up of 533 different tribes? India has more than 80 million tribals! The lives of the tribes in India are strongly attached to nature, and they live in some of the most untouched environments in the country. Tribals are usually very simple people, unaware and, therefore, unaffected by the ... Read More »

6 Best Places to Visit in Mumbai

Mumbai, the commercial capital is considered as the city which never sleeps. Today, I am sharing my thoughts on Places to Visit in Mumbai, which will be highly helpful to the people who prefer to visit the city on a trip. Considered as the perfect mix of pulsating and vibrating setup along with the cultural heritage, the city of Mumbai ... Read More »

Trip to Matheran, a picturesque Hill Station in Maharashtra

Traveling is one of my hobbies and being a traveler, I like to explore different parts of the country. More recently, I got a chance to visit one of the hill stations, Matheran, located in the state of Maharashtra. This blog will cover all my experiences during the travel to this hill station of Maharashtra. Quite happily, I would say ... Read More »

Visit to Jaipur – A personal Diary

Visit to Jaipur – A Personal Diary

I feel immense pride as being a part of the famous city of Rajasthan, the Pink City ‘Jaipur’. Last Month, I got a chance during my vacation to visit my native place ‘Jaipur’. Truly speaking, the city is a profound display of how the time runs away with several changes bringing into the process. The most loved city of Rajasthan, ... Read More »