An effective way to the increase the visibility of any website in a natural way is done through Search Engine Optimization. More frequently, the word SEO deals with the increase in the rankings of the Website for the particular search term. The higher the website appears on the SERP, the better it is, and with the motive to the same, the process of Search Engine Optimization is being carried out.

Thus, Search Engine Optimization may be defined as the process of implementing several search friendly elements in order to affect the rankings of a website on Search Engine. Together with the implementation of various techniques, which can be broadly classified into On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization, the SEO analysts work on the website in such a way which makes the website Search Engine friendly to rank up higher in order on the Results page.

How SEO works

SEO clearly works on the basis of the website optimization rules on Google and other Search Engine Guidelines and rules. Based on these factors, the complete optimization of a website is done and that makes the websites highly effective on SERP and allows them to be displayed at best rankings.

What is On-Page Optimization?

On Page Optimization, a very first step towards the website promotion is the process of implementing several important factors into the website for better natural search results.

  • Building a SEO-friendly site : Building an SEO-friendly site is a way to build the websites on the basis of the guidelines mentioned by Google and other search engines.
  • Site Analysis : Site Analysis is the process of analysing websites based on the performance of website and on how to improve the visibility of websites for search engines.
  • Competitive Analysis : The process of analyzing the websites and all other aspects of the competitors of your business is what we can call as competitor analysis.
  • Keyword Strategy Consultation : The process which decides the set of keywords to be targeted for the search engines in order to improve visibility of website and sales of your business.
  • HTML code corrections : The process of the tidying up of your website through the better coding process, through fixing of codes indenting and errors.
  • Remove broken / dead links : A broken link is a link which redirects visitors to the page which does not exist. Removing Broken/dead links is a way to the removal of such links and that ensures better credibility of websites.
  • Add Nofollow Links on external links : Adding nofollow Links on external Links is a way to ensure all your hard works does not go to other’s benefits. It’s a way to prevent the Link Juice passing and all other Page Rank Factors to other websites.
  • Content Analysis : One of the most important aspects of On-Page Optimization is the Content Analysis, which includes the analysis of contents in the websites based on keyword density, proper of use of targeted keywords and relevant contents focusing on the needs of the website.
  • Rich Content Generation : Rich Content Generation is a way to the generation of keyword focused content having keyword density and better keyword proximity.
  • Mobile Optimization Strategy : In this way, it is ensured that the websites are responsive on mobiles and all aspects of websites appear in the best way on all Smartphone.
  • Meta Tags : What is Meta Tags? in simple meaning provide the information about their website to Search Engine. One of the key elements in the process of providing a Title & Description of what the website is about and ensuring the relevant visitors come to websites.
  • Install Analytics & Webmaster Tools : The Google Products in order to ensure the website’s guardian gets all relevant information about websites, their errors and traffic information. Webmasters and Analytics are two one stop solutions for all the troubles of websites and their traffic details.
  • Robots.txt optimization & XML Sitemap optimization : In order to ensure the better crawling of the websites and its related links, the process of the Robot.txt optimization and XML Sitemap Optimization are done. The Robots.txt optimization is done in order to guide crawlers on how to crawl websites. The XML Sitemap optimization is done to ensure the better indexing of websites.
  • NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) : NAP can have a huge impact on your local SEO rankings. N.A.P. includes your Business name, address and phone number. This information is typically listed on your website by adding schema code on all pages and on other Local Citation sites such as Yelp or Foursquare. NAP is the most important factor to rank in the local organic search results.

What is Off-Page Optimization?

Off page Optimization is the process that can be taken outside of the actual website in order to improve its position and better visibility on SERP.

Below are the step-by-step methods that you can use to generate high quality Backlinks to your Website –

  • Social Bookmarking : Social Bookmarking is perhaps the best way to the better and faster indexing of websites on Search Engines and thus are done in the first instance during the Off Page Optimization.
  • Submission to Premium Directories : Premium Directories serve the purpose of the directing heavy volume of traffic to the websites and thus, submissions to Premium Web Directories are quite an effective way for the traffic increase and increasing the chances of sales of the products and services of websites.
  • Authoritative Link Building : Authoritative Websites always hold a high importance to Google and other search engines and thus authoritative Link Building is required for better eye of Search Engines for a particular website.
  • Google+ Local Optimization : Google+ Local, which used to be known as Google Places. This is one of the techniques, which comes in Off Page Optimization, Google+ Local Optimization is a way to ensure better reviews options resides for the website and ensure more wider appeal to the audience in their local area.
  • Local Citation Listings : Local citation means add the information about your business name, Address & Phone number on other sites such as Yelp, Foursquare & many others. Local Citation Listings, one of the key elements in the better rankings of the website on Local Search Engines.
  • Content Marketing / Article Creation : A way to the promotion of websites, Content Marketing is a way to ensure the readers gets all the relevant information, what they are searching for and to redirect the readers to the relevant page.
  • Submission to Premium Blog Submission: Blogs are just another good way to draw the heavy traffic to the targetted websites and ensuring more visitors reach to the website.
  • Social media optimization (SMO) : In today’s world more than 95% of the People are using the social networking website for chatting & sharing. So Social media optimization is playing crucial role in SEO. Drive traffic to your Website through Social media Sites such as Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest. Social Media is also useful to create a links to your website.
  • Press Release Creation & video Creation Submission : Press Release Creation is the way to ensure the readers and know each important development of company to get all information about the release of new products and services within the company. Video Submission is just another way of Off Page Optimization, which is done to allure users towards the websites and thus can be said as traffic drawing technique and for the purpose of gaining exposure.

Why does my website need SEO?

In order to bring in the most comprehensive and most effective way for the promotion of a website and to improve the visibility of the website on the SERP, the need of SEO is at the highest priority. The SEO aspects make the websites user friendly and search engine friendly for better results and better interaction. SEO is in fact, a better way to the ROI for promotion.