As a resident of a historic place, Vasai, in the state of Maharashtra, I would like to share some of the thoughts attached to it. Vasai, a village located in the state of Maharashtra, also regarded as the historical village, located in the north of Mumbai. The region of Vasai-Virar is known as Vasai taluka a part of Palghar district in Maharashtra. Being a resident of this village, I would like you to bring in an information that this Village is not a part of our Economic Capital, Mumbai and thus to highlight this aspect, people term this place as ‘Vasai Village’. The Vasai Village is located around 48 kms of Mumbai towards the northern direction.

History of Vasai

Diving into the History, Vasai, was said as the seat of Portuguese and had a high influence of Portuguese back in History. This place served as the way of strengthening of Naval over Arabian Sea; later came into the hands of Marathas. Having a rich history, this place was named as Bassein under the rule of the British. The Bassein parish is the largest contributor of priests to the Bombay Archdiocese. St. Gonsalo Garcia, India’s only Catholic saint is also a contribution of this parish.


When you consider the Educational aspects, some of the schools like Convent, St. Augustines, Carmelite, Holy Family Convent, Nazareth Convent, Vidya Vikasni, St. Francis, New English High School, Rajiv Gandhi Hindi High School, St Peters, Sheth Vidya Mandir, Holy Paradise and BKS serve the good educational seat of the place. Along with these two engineering colleges, namely the Vidyavardhini Engineering College and Universal College of Engineering are notable.


The high industrialization can be felt in the eastern part of Vasai. Several Small and Medium Industries are present in this part in the production of various goods.


The Vasai Village is considered as an important halt point for several express trains. The Railway station namely ‘Vasai Road’ sees both Central and Western line runs through it. When we talk about Road Transport, NH8 passes through this place. VVMC provides the daily movement of people to adjoining areas.

Vasai – Virar Municipal Corporation

Formed in 2009, the Vasai – Virar Municipal Corporation serves 4 town areas, namely Virar, Nallasopara, Navghar-Manickpur and Vasai and 54 villages.

Places of Attractions in Vasai

There are several places of Attraction present in Vasai and one will be mesmerized to see such a wide range of choice in the sightseeing. The places to visit are Vasai fort, Vajreshwari Temple, Suruchi Baug, Tungareshwar Temple, Jivdani Temple, Arnala Fort and Chinchoti Waterfalls.

Reasons to visit Vasai

Vasai, being a historical place always motivates the travelers to visit this place and since it’s quite easily reachable, the place does not take anything from the travelers to pay a visit to. Historical places, which numerous options in sightseeing have every chance to allure the tourists towards it and there will be no chance to lament on visiting this wonderful piece, located just 48 kms from the Economic Capital of India.


Have a glimpse of this place, which have a rich history and will mesmerize you with the historical forts and many alluring places.