Do you wish to have your own website hosted? You could not have made the decision at a better time. With each passing month, cost of web hosting is getting reduced more than ever before, and services are getting better along with it. New technologies being developed every year are helping in keeping websites secure from malicious intrusions (by viruses, worms, etc.). All in all, if you wish to have your own website out there, now is the time to get started.

When you try to get your website hosted through a service provider, the first question they will usually ask you is about the platform on which you wish your website to be hosted. There are several platforms at your disposal here, but the best option for you would be Linux. Here are the reasons why you should choose Linux web hosting over others:

  1. Stable operating system with solid performance: Linux web hosting is getting more popular day by day, because of this quality itself. Linux based web servers can provide superior performance while consuming lesser resources than most other platforms out there. Besides, Linux does not crash easily, and is naturally resistant to corruption.
  2. Few viruses/worms: If you go through the list of the most dangerous viruses/worms that are scouring the Internet, you will find that most of those are targeted towards the Windows platform. You will find some worms that can temporarily infect a Linux server, but those are usually gone as soon as the server is rebooted. This is one of the reasons why web servers running this operating system usually do not require powerful firewall and antivirus software, for the very simple reason that there is almost no major threat to this platform in the first place.
  3. Easy to maintain: Linux web servers are a pain to configure, but once it is done, there is very little maintenance required to keep the servers operating with maximum efficiency. Lesser maintenance requirement automatically translates to greater uptime for your website as well.
  4. Cheaper hosting: There is no denying it – Linux web hosting is way cheaper than its other counterparts. You may have to spend less than half of what you would have to pay to get your website hosted on Windows platform, for instance, in order to get the same website hosted on Linux platform.

So, don’t wait any longer. Get in touch with reputable Linux web hosting service providers like godaddy, arvixe, bluehost or hostgator, and get your website launched today.