Did you know that almost 10% of India’s population is made up of 533 different tribes? India has more than 80 million tribals! The lives of the tribes in India are strongly attached to nature, and they live in some of the most untouched environments in the country. Tribals are usually very simple people, unaware and, therefore, unaffected by the modern world. Every year tourists from different corners of the world make trips to India to experience the tribal lifestyle, observe the eccentricities and idiosyncrasies and participate in the festivities and rituals. Let’s discuss about the tribal areas you must visit in one of your trips to India.

Top 3 States to Visit During Your Tribal Trips to India

The following are three Indian states which boast of some of the biggest tribes. During your trips to India, a visit to these states are a must if you wish to experience the best tribal lifestyle:

  1. Southwestern Orissa – The southwestern region of Orissa holds the major concentration of tribes in the sub continent. In Orissa, there are more than 62 tribal communities. These tribes have preserved their custom and are not influenced by modern civilization in any way.
  2. Madhya Pradesh – The Bhils in Madhya Pradesh are the third biggest tribe in India after the Gonds and the Santhals. They can be prominently found in the Jhabua, Dhar and West Nimar regions. The tribes use ancient tools and their agricultural approach is very basic. Their villages are usually isolated, each village consisting of just 30 to 40 families. Among the Bhil tribals, sawang is a popular form of entertainment, which is a combination of storytelling, dance and music. The people of the tribe follow the practice of greeting each other by ¬invoking Lord Rama (Jairamjiki).
  3. Nagaland – There are 16 major tribes in uncultivated Nagaland, sharing their border with Myanmar. If you wish to be a part of an authentic and grand Nagaland celebration, you need to visit the tribes in December. You must attend the Hornbill Festival which is held in December every year, in the Kohima district. During your trip to Nagaland, you can also visit Daporijo, Kohima, Pasighat and Mokokchung. Enroute you can visit the Hillmiri tribe, the Bara Basti and the Ungma village. These areas also have facilities for rafting, fishing and angling.

There are other places in India, too, where you would get to experience tribal life. These include Chhattisgarh, Bastar, Kanker, Rayagada, Jeypore, Gopalpur and Bhubaneshwar.

You can make your trips to India very enriching and relaxing by visiting the tribal areas. You are bound to be awestruck by the complete lack of modern equipment and devices. These isolated tribes follow a primordial lifestyle. There do not have television sets, water heaters or even beauty parlors.