Wall clocks are both decorative and useful. You can use them to tell the time at a glance, and choosing the right wall one for your room can make your room look attractive. If you’re working from home, you may need a timepiece which you can use to tell the time from across the room. A recent survey by the Families and Work Institute, a non-profit research group in New York, showed that firms added flexible work options during the recession. This enabled employees to work from home, in the evening and on weekends, or reduce their hours, according to the 1,100 employers surveyed. An attractive timepiece can motivate you to track your time better.

Match the wall time piece according to the person living in the room. Novelty ones are suitable for a child’s bedroom. It can make learning how to tell time fun for him or her. You could choose a cuckoo clock or a musical clock to delight your child. A musical clock marks the hours by playing a tune.

A digital wall clock can be used in the kitchen. It is an easy way to tell time, compared to the traditional analog clocks. A timepiece in the shape of an apple can match with a kitchen. A wall clock which has a chalkboard can be useful here.

In small rooms, wall clocks can make the décor look uniform, by serving as a uniting force. Most timepieces of this kind vary between widths of two to three feet. Pendulum clocks can make your room look different. A timepiece of this kind uses a swinging weight as its timekeeping element.

A clock with a floral print can do for a girl’s room. A boy may prefer one shaped like a racing car. For the musically inclined, you could look for a timepiece shaped like a guitar. Clocks with Roman numerals can look formal, so you may want to keep them in the living room. They are also appropriate in an office space.

Wooden wall clocks can go well with a room which has cabinets. These are even available with hanger hooks in case you are short on space. If you are a Feng Shui follower, you can even buy a clock which has Chinese characters representing health, peace, and so on for the twelve hours in the day.

You can find a timepiece according to your interest. A unique timepiece can serve as a talking point when guests visit. Spend some time to choose an aesthetically appealing wall clock because it is a reflection of your taste!