A web site’s success depends on its host. In general, there are three hosting plans available to businesses:

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Virtual dedicated hosting

Your requirements are what decide the kind of hosting you should opt for.

The following are the reasons to opt for dedicated server hosting:

  1. Single ownership: If you own a busy website with a growing volume of traffic, dedicated server hosting is the best option for you. In dedicated server hosting, the server hosts only your website. This facility offers business owners a number of benefits.
  2. The best service: When your website resides on its own server, you can expect the best of everything – speed, response and service. When response time is fast, visitors do not have to wait for your pages to download. On shared servers, pages may be so slow to load that they time out before loading. This can hamper business. When your pages are quick to download, you can offer the best service to your customers.
  3. Complete control: Dedicated servers are easy to set up. Dedicated server hosting provides you complete control of your website. You are not hampered by the activities of other websites residing on your server. You may install your own applications, test scripts and add as many pages as you want. You may customize your hardware and software as you want to.
  4. Downtime: If your website is an important source of income and plays an important role in establishing your brand, then, you would naturally want to avoid downtime. However, shared servers may crash from time to time. Sometimes, malicious scripts or traffic overload can lead to server crashes. Although quality web hosting services are quick to rectify the problem, you cannot be assured of total protection. Besides, websites sharing a web server share the same IP address. If any of these websites are blacklisted, your website will also suffer because it shares the same IP address. Dedicated server hosting eliminates all these possibilities. Your site is protected from the activities of others.
  5. Bandwidth: Large websites with high volumes of traffic cannot really adhere to bandwidth stipulations. With shared hosting, every account is given a certain bandwidth limit. Any website that exceeds this limit is charged extra. However, dedicated server hosting has no such limitations. Whatever bandwidth is available to the server is at your disposal.
  6. Security: Lastly, security is one of the overriding reasons for big businesses to opt for dedicated server hosting. The dedicated server has its own firewall. Thus, a website residing on the server is less vulnerable to hackers.

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