Linux Web Hosting: It is Fast, Cheap, and Easy

Do you wish to have your own website hosted? You could not have made the decision at a better time. With each passing month, cost of web hosting is getting reduced more than ever before, and services are getting better along with it. New technologies being developed every year are helping in keeping websites secure from malicious intrusions (by viruses, ... Read More »

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

An effective way to the increase the visibility of any website in a natural way is done through Search Engine Optimization. More frequently, the word SEO deals with the increase in the rankings of the Website for the particular search term. The higher the website appears on the SERP, the better it is, and with the motive to the same, the ... Read More »

Why dedicated server hosting? Top 6 reasons

Dedicated Server Hosting

A web site’s success depends on its host. In general, there are three hosting plans available to businesses: Shared hosting Dedicated hosting Virtual dedicated hosting Your requirements are what decide the kind of hosting you should opt for. The following are the reasons to opt for dedicated server hosting: Single ownership: If you own a busy website with a growing ... Read More »