Dharmendra Kumhar

Dharmendra KumharDharmendra Kumhar the founder of this website. I was born in Khori, Shahpura, Jaipur and came to Mumbai at a very young age (5 years). Kumhar means potter. Kumhars form a unique class in India. The term ‘Kumhar’ means potter and they trace their descent to Prajapati, the son of Lord Brahma. My grandfather was making Indian Pottery like Matki, handicrafts and crafts. My dad deviparasad Kumhar has moved to Mumbai at the age of 18 and he is in Building Construction. My lovely Mother’s name is Ladu devi (Housewife). I have Two Brothers & sister. My family moved to Mumbai in early 1990s. As a child i helped my father in construction works. I have completed my school from Rajiv Gandhi Hindi High School at vasai where i excelled my studies and in sports such as Racing & Drawing. I completed my higher education from Mumbai university.

My College life was really awesome but I haven’t got any interest as I was busy in study and extra curricular activities rather than enjoying the College life. However made only two good friend named Dhananjay Yadav & Sushil Tiwari.

Currently I am staying in Vasai with my parents. I have so many friends. My nick name has changed as per my age and few are like Chotu, KD, Dharam.

I am excellent in communication. My hobbies are listening to music, playing Cricket and above all visit to new places. I have visited Matheran, Lonavala and resorts like Water kingdom and historical Places. I like to Roam whenever i get time. I am very humble and shy in nature. i am always positive in nature even having a problem in my life. I have Multi Generation Idea skills and team oriented. i am very stylish person always try new things such as cloths, watch, sunglasses, beared & many things.

Education and Qualification

  • Rajiv Gandhi Hindi High School, Vasai – passed 10th (2nd class)
  • Passed HSC [1st class] from New English High School.
  • B’Com Graduate from St.Gonsalo Garcia College [1st class].
  • Completed Tally course & ms office.

Work Experience

I am a SEO Expert in this Internet World. I have started putting interest in websites while I was in Class 12th and fell in love with it. Working in seo industries for almost last 3 years. Optimized over 50 website. Now my position in the company is Team leader handling staff of 15. i worked on many website for Different country like (India, USA, UK, China) and worked on different industries segments like Fashion, Health, Travel, Home & fruits website.